Perhaps more impressive is the taxi drivers’ advance knowledge. A number of Wordsworth’s homes are today open for visitors including Rydal Mount and Dove Cottage in Grasmere. This means of all the nations on earth, none is better equipped to deal with life’s disappointments. Image credit: Elliott Brown (own work) under CC licence 2.0 via Flickr. Not just better than Albania and Moldova but actually better than all the countries that used to thrash us hollow: India, Pakistan, Australia, West Indies. After all, why should we have lovely views when other countries don’t? Ancient and modern architecture stand side by side, thousands of years of history intermingled in every corner of the country. From famous Banksy pieces in Bristol and London to unknown artists in towns and cities across the UK. That’s why our Government is planning to wreck every last inch of it with wind farms. There is so much packed into these beautiful little isles, that we created a fun infographic with  20 reasons why Britain is Great then realised it wasn't quite enough. Bond fans can be wowed at Bond in Motion – a collection of the fictional spy’s classic cars at the London Film Museum in Covent Garden. It might not be considered the best or even the most reliable climate in the world, but something about the weather has the Brits obsessed. See items one to 19 above. The silliest place names Sometimes, during traffic jams, I play a game in the car with my children and the map, asking them to guess which of a list of local place names I have made up: Craze Lowman, Hand and Pen, Pant, Droop, Trull, Splatt, Gussage All Saints, Hole, Shitebowl Episcopi. “Whingeing Poms”, the Aussies call us. Here tea is the mainstay of the British character and the solution to every problem. Usually comprising of beef, lamb, pork or ham,  roast potatoes, veg, Yorkshire Puddings and lashings of gravy, the Sunday Roast or Sunday Carvery is a staple on most weekend menus in pubs and venues throughout the UK. Not just Shakespeare but also Chaucer, Milton, the Romantics, Austen, George Eliot, Dickens... Our victories (see also Crécy, Agincourt, Blenheim, Waterloo) can’t be mentioned enough. Scroll down to leave your suggestions on what makes Britain great. Home repossessed? So this could well have been considered along with ‘events and festivals’ but given that over 1 billion people tune in and watch the tennis championships in over 200 territories across the globe, plus the strawberries and cream culture it has produced, we felt Wimbledon is a great reason all on its own! The longest running soap in TV history, Coronation Street began in 1960. From purple-heathered Highland moorland to the coves and combes of the South-west, Britain really does have the most lushly perfect countryside anywhere in the world. For example, Fannyfield, Ramsbottom and Cockermouth have all been known to raise a smirk or two. We have given the world The Beatles, the Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Kajagoogoo, Keith Harris & Orville…. Foreigners may be better than us at almost everything now but that’s because they’re a bunch of cheats whereas we always play by the rules. The national non-reluctance to complain (not face-to-face of course, but after the fact) means that everything is always a little bit better than you have been led to expect. A hot sunny day definitely doesn’t go unnoticed, so if you’re lucky enough to experience one, enjoy it! Image Credit: One Aldwych Hotel, Afternoon Tea. Don’t forget the many ‘beer gardens’ that are rarely empty during the hotter weather. Never mind, a nice cuppa will soon sort you out. But essentially a feast of bacon, sausages, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and black pudding are often thought the best way to start the weekend in Britain! We needed to make the list bigger! Whatever tunes are harmonious to your ear, whether it be Classical, Indie, Rock, Pop or Bossa Nova, Manchester’s music scene is ready to delight the senses. Drivers study for 2-4 years to learn 320 London routes, including 25,000 streets and 20,000 landmarks!


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