X, People have raised more money on GoFundMe than anywhere else. My boss and colleagues are here today. https://www.facebook.com/events/2523873747926996/, https://www.facebook.com/events/648549595874359/. Ive chosen and donated to an organisation for Indigenous Australians who are putting on these events and many more like them:https://www.facebook.com/events/2523873747926996/, https://www.facebook.com/events/648549595874359/Please consider taking the time to donate even a dollar, before or after your next post. We want people to study and be informed of their true history. If the AWM persists is refusing to "commemorate the sacrifice" of these Australians then one can only assume that they are not considered to be Australian.

+ 61 3 9419 8377 These conflicts would come to be known as the Australian frontier wars. 9. He says the British Army found it difficult at first to operate on the Australian frontier because Aboriginal guerrilla tacts minimised the effect of muskets, and Aboriginal warriors were able to evade pursuit. The indigenous Australians who did this in defence of their families, have my unreserved respect. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports. Today my people feel as though we're at a funeral. Readers of Eureka Street may remember that I raised this issue in April 2011 in my article 'Forgotten Aboriginal war heroes'. (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); The Unshackled is a fast growing alternative News Media Outlet. An idea whose time has come. I'd just finished uni, a political science major, so I thought why not come down? WAR are having their first national meeting here at the end of the month along with many decolonization panels and I've recently started working at AIDS Victoria. Yes we're coming to together, we're reclaiming what is ours and we're not being polite. How does Malcolm X influence WAR? Yeah all the blackfellas [indigenous Australians] were getting on the bus to Melbourne. During my school years I lived in Western Victoria, which Major Mitchell called 'Australia Felix', because of the lush fertile land. Lynne Z | 21 January 2014, I fully support Paul's article, calling for recognition of the bravery and persistence of Aboriginal warriors defending their land against British settlers. Louis Marks is organizing this fundraiser. The 1990s were dire in terms of organizations for and by black Australians. Tell me about the experience. Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (W.A.R.) Faithful wrote of Aboriginal women and children running between his horse's legs to retrieve spears. ‘War’ is a risky and dangerous word to use alone when trying to describe the full scale of the encounter between the Europeans and the Indigenous nations of Australia. My forebears arrived in Sydney as free settlers in 1833. Vote Rigging and Fraud | Report from Tiger Mountain, Not Nice in Nice | Report from Tiger Mountain.

Note, registration is required by the 7th August 2015 Peter Johnstone | 21 January 2014, The silence over the treatment of aboriginals is congruent with our debunked doctrine of "Terra Nullius". 7:10am We listen to an interview with Nayuka Gorrie, Kurnai/Gunai, Gunditjmara, Wiradjuri and Yorta Yorta freelance writer, about transformative justice, decolonisation and abolishing 'Australia Day' (first aired on the Transformative Justice Show, part of Satellite Skies). Brian Goodall | 21 January 2014, The term 'war' seems accurate and appropriate to me, and also clearly necessary to force recognition of indigenous peoples resisting invasion with great courage as we should expect of any people in such circumstances. The next generation of Australians will have a better vocabulary for what happened, a better picture of the disastrous historical misunderstandings that underlie our current arrogant attitudes about sovereignty of the land. We have to be sure that "never again" applies in the treatment of indigenous people.. was established in 2014 as a collective of young Aboriginal people committed to the cause of decolonization and the philosophy of Aboriginal nationalism - resistance and revival. The expedition was a failure, though Phillip's order presaged countless such wanton reprisals against Australia's Indigenous people for the next 140 years. ". So yes queer and transgender rights and feminism are also all things I'm passionate about. In his 1987 book Frontier: Aborigines, Settlers and Land, Reynolds reviews correspondence in which British settler invaders drew parallels in their letters home with other conflicts the British Empire fought in the world. It went from change the date to abolish the date, now it is abolish Australia altogether. www.maristfamily.com.au Gomeroi | 05 June 2014, We would like to share with you that the Marist Family Peace and Justice Group’s conference for this year is: "Both Ends of the Gun" which will focus on Australian Aboriginals at War - the Frontier Wars and Overseas Wars. Does it feel like an important moment for Indigenous youth in 2015? Does it feel like it's an important moment for Indigenous youth in 2015? By doing so it would firstly acknowledge that there were no deals to purchase land and no treaties to share it; secondly that in consequence tribes organised themselves to defend their land and thirdly it would honour those warriors who tried to protect their people against the invader. A publication of Jesuit Communications Australia. The situation changed from 1825 when the army issued soldiers with horses, giving them the mobility to counter Aboriginal tactics over a wide frontier. Yet the Australian War Memorial (AWM) refuses to honour Aboriginal warriors who fought and died defending their lands and their people against white invader settlers in the Frontier Wars of 1788–1928. Troy Clancy, my dad. And it's through the support of people like you that it is able to do so. The actual numbers of people who died is of course much higher as not all battle deaths would have been recorded. She has widely been viewed as a hypocrite for wanting to destroy Australia yet happily accepting the tax money of the working white man. Contact: Michael Anderson 0427 292 492 ghillar29@gmail.com We got in touch, bonded, and WAR was born. Of an initially large population, only a few Aboriginal descent families remain in the southern Western District. Paul Newbury writes on Indigenous, environmental and sustainability issues. Jill Finnane | 23 January 2014, Thx Paul. Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance (WAR) is a collective of young Aboriginal people committed to the cause of decolonisation and the philosophy of Aboriginal nationalism, resistance and revival. I can't understand the celebration. The organizer of the Australia Day protest in Melbourne Tarneen Onus-Williams has come under intense criticism for her expletive ridden anti-Australia tirade on the steps of Victoria’s Parliament where she said “F**k Australia, hope it f***ing burns to the ground”. 2, pp. What does it mean to be an Australian in times like these? Uncle Dean (Ednason) is a very personal role model as he is an elder Brotherboy. assembling outside West Block, cnr Amaroo and Anzac Parade, Reid. Catherine | 21 January 2014, Paul, our country was colonised and settled - not invaded. ?The truth would give them a chance to be proud of their achievements, and give men their story of bravery and honour. New Zealand, our partner in the Anzac legend, has no problem commemorating the Maori Wars of 1845–1872. They've been organising the recent Black Lives Matter and Aboriginal Deaths in Custody protests in Australia. Although the warriors of the armed Aboriginal resistance ultimately lost, I … Yes, our time is now. Time to put our money where our posts are.The horrible circumstances in the US have been a protagonist for many of us giving proper consideration to the existent realities on our own doorstep. We want to revive the warrior spirit in our people by facilitating a culture of resistance. centring Indigenous sovereignty in abolition work. And I heard you just moved to Melbourne from Brisbane, particularly to protest?


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