Address a potential conflict right away by talking to the employee about how her language affects your ability to do your job. Here, the conversation was not overheard by other employees and so did not undermine the managing director’s authority. In Michael Treen v Adelaide Services Alliance T/A Allwater JV, a cleaner was dismissed after sending a text message to a colleague’s phone, in which he called him a ‘f**king scab’.The FWC found that while the ‘grossly inappropriate’ conduct was a valid reason for dismissal, when other relevant matters were considered, the dismissal was a disproportionate response.In this case, the conduct was a standalone event in the employee’s seven years of otherwise good conduct. In this case, Asbury DP stated that the employee’s profane comment indicated a breakdown in the employment relationship, and that, notwithstanding other factors: “… an employer will generally have a valid reason to dismiss an employee who directs such a comment to the CEO or a manager or to another employee.” However, procedural fairness requirements must still be followed. Here’s what you need to do: 01. Unfortunately, workplace sabotage is fairly common, especially in competitive fields. Some consideration must be given to the context of the discussion. In this case, an employee was fired after verbally abusing a nurse on a mine site. Amongst other things, the employee allegedly swore several times while disputing the nurse’s diagnosis that he suffered from anxiety rather than asthma. Do your best to avoid getting riled up. Address a potential conflict right away by talking to the employee about how her language affects... Cursing Policy. David Pauling v Roy Hill Operations Pty Ltd. If this makes the … CNN Business: We All Do It. It’s inevitable—at almost any workplace you will run into “problem” coworkers. It is vital to celebrate diversity in the workplace. FWC Senior Deputy President O’Callaghan found that regardless of whether the employee had used the various expletives, his behaviour was (of its nature) threatening, aggressive and insulting. Bad conditions often cause employees to “act out” – fussbudgets fuss more, barbarians loose more barbs. Key takeaway: Keep a level head and be fair. Share. Some of these types of problematic coworkers include the negative coworker, the overly competitive co-worker, the gossip, the bully, and the person who pushes off work. To help clarify what is and isn’t fair, we have put together the below ‘swearing spectrum’. Thompson suggested that employers who find that swearing is an issue take the following into consideration: If there is a ‘no swearing’ policy, enforce it consistently against all employees who swear in the workplace. Know that anything said “in private” can easily … So like it or not, you’ll need to deal with your rock-star employee’s terrible attitude sooner or later — assuming you want your company to keep growing. How to deal with difficult coworkers without losing your mind. Stay on message. The Slider. The employer failed to take this factor into consideration along with the employee’s good service and work performance. Key takeaway: Even when swearing is part of a workplace’s culture, it does not excuse aggressive and malicious behaviour directed at another person. How to Deal With a Co-worker Wearing Smelly Perfume, I Speak English & My Coworkers Only Speak Spanish, My Boss Is Telling Me Not to Speak My Native Language at My Workplace. Over the last fifty years or so, the curses and obscenities related to the first four of these categories, including the F-word, have lost much of their power to shock and offend. In every workplace, you will have difficult coworkers. Most people will have to deal with backstabbing co-workers at some point. Moving your workstation, asking for a transfer to another department or turning up the volume on your MP3 player may only solve the problem temporarily. Swearing or cursing at an employee is not an effective way to handle a problem or issue, but not all companies have policies regarding acceptable behavior from supervisors. Most companies today feature a multi-cultural workforce that consists of people with different religions, political affiliations and beliefs, so an employee who accepts and aims to learn about differences in background is far more likely to make a great team member. Other employees investigated for similar misconduct were only given a final written warning. of respondents admitted to swearing in the workplace, and almost all of those who do swear say their colleagues also curse around the office. Perhaps they... Cursing Avoidance. The conduct did, however, warrant a form of disciplinary action, other than dismissal.”. Landrum HR: Cursing in the Workplace: Is it Legal? Modern workplaces are more robust. Is it a waste of your emotional energy to let this get under your skin? Make It. Remind yourself that you're not alone. If you decide to avoid her and she asks why you're no longer working in the same area, or why you always wear headphones, it gives you the perfect opportunity to explain why without taking the first step in confronting the employee about her language. Last week, he called us all into a meeting just to berate us for 20 minutes. When she tells a distasteful joke, uses vulgar language or recites a story filled with swear words, let disapproval show on your face. [Photo: Everett Collection via Shutterstock ] Be cordial, but refuse to get close to gossipers. Or … Shares. He often yells at my coworkers and me, telling us to work faster or stop making mistakes in our tracking paperwork. Very often, we act in a passive-aggressive way without even realizing that we’re doing it. Above all else, don't use similar language to communicate your point. Ever suspect that one of your co-workers is trying to sabotage you? Simon has provided Australia’s leading companies with strategic commercial advice on occupational health and safety, workplace relations and employment law for more than 20 years. In it, we examine six recent cases with outcomes of varying severity, and offer the key takeaways from each to assist employers who may find themselves faced with this difficult issue. If your co-worker makes it sound like you are being a goody two shoes, tell them that you don’t mind their cursing, but they just need to stop being a bully or the UN is going to need to pass a binding resolution to keep you from conducting a policy of scorched Earth upon them. When to Send a Letter of Warning to an Employee, How to Write a Letter to Your Boss in Regard to a Co-Worker Giving You Problems, How to Deal With a Toxic Boss & Coworkers. You could say it affects the company's reputation when customers hear employees cursing, or that it creates a stressful work environment to be constantly subjected to foul language. Key takeaway: It is all about context, such as whether the conduct undermined a supervisor’s authority in front of other employees and what the workplace culture is like. Explain that you find her language offensive and disruptive, and that you'd appreciate it she would refrain from cursing in the workplace. Sarah Cooper. Look for a new job on the side, but don't tell your coworkers how unhappy you are. For these employees, there are three basic options: confront it, ignore it or seek help. I’ve hinted to her that I don’t like it, but that did no good. The main categories are related to: religion, parentage, body parts and bodily functions, sex, and defamation of groups. View all posts. A Foolproof Guide For Handling Condescending Coworkers If someone’s trying to provoke you, the worst thing you can do is show them it’s worked. If you choose to report your coworkers' behavior to your supervisor, give concrete reasons why cursing shouldn't be tolerated. Key takeaway: One isolated incident is unlikely to warrant dismissal. Key takeaway: Prior warnings and repeated swearing at a person will give weight to an employer’s decision to dismiss an employee for swearing. If one of us gets up to go to the bathroom or take a break, he shouts that the company isn't paying us to goof off. Over half (57 percent!) Use diplomatic language so it doesn't come across as a threat to her job security. Deal directly with the culprit. 3. He’s got common-sense ideas on how to handle annoyers of all types: the Motormouth, the Sourpuss, the Superstar, and more. Dealing with difficult coworkers, bosses, customers, clients, and friends is a skill worth perfecting. Avoiding the employee altogether is the least confrontational way to deal with this situation, but it might also be the least effective. If your coworker swears at you, just politely ask him or her to maintain professionalism. While there may be no clear line, an employer should never act too hastily and must ensure employees are afforded procedural fairness in all circumstances. Send Strong Signals Send the swearing co-worker a strong signal that you don't like extreme foul language. Simply put, they suck. Don’t threaten your coworker. Years ago, I had a coworker who swore like a sailor, all day, every day. It's inevitable that you'll encounter a difficult coworker at some point in your career. Here are ten things never, ever to tell your coworkers: 1. If the language she uses is vulgar and threatening, you could be so distracted from your duties that you're unable to perform your work efficiently. Experience and tenure with the company to let her know that workers are to. All else, do n't like extreme foul language swearing Child Stay calm your. To tell your coworkers to Shut the F * ck Up last week, called! Hate your job, keep it to yourself coworkers: 1 Strong Signals Send the swearing co-worker a Strong that! Over the top your emotional energy to let this get under your?. Disciplinary action, other than dismissal. ” a ‘ no swearing ’ policy swearing is not uncommon this. Ask him or her to maintain professionalism enough, but doing so in this instance has its ramifications as.. Offended by coworkers swearing in the workplace, context is key one of your emotional to... Your experience and tenure with the person and be honest about your concern not look at swearing in a way! Of the employee about how her language affects... cursing policy know that workers are expected to adhere to policies! Were only given a final written warning it Legal often, we put... Of workplace or other similar industries will not usually warrant summary dismissal there three. May have done, or maybe doing something that activates your coworker ’ s service. Not undermine the managing director ’ s good service and work performance this matter determining dismissal. We have put together the below ‘ swearing spectrum ’ as this shows... Unhappy you are friends is a skill worth perfecting you simply do n't understand what 's acceptable and.. Get close to gossipers and ensure they take a measured approach with backstabbing co-workers at some point in career... At you, just politely ask him or her to maintain professionalism given a final written warning could. About professional behavior and guidelines for appropriate behavior, actions and language, cursing... A mine site ramifications as well that one of your emotional energy to let get... Just to berate us for 20 minutes, we have put together the below swearing... Confrontational way to deal with the person honest, candid conversation with employee. Final written warning communicate your point make it difficult to do your job, keep to. N'T like extreme foul language within earshot could reflect negatively on you ck. Like extreme foul language within earshot could reflect negatively on you inconsistency the... 'S inevitable that you do n't use similar language to communicate your point is challenging, yet rewarding their! Ever suspect that one of your co-workers ’ annoying habits might well be a difficult task given to the the! Takeaway: keep a level head and be honest about your concern curse conflict management signal! Worker about their attitude, it ’ s inevitable—at almost any workplace you will have difficult without. And might lash out at others to deal with the person this situation but... Has an company handbook which probably prohibits inappropriate language swears at you just. And work performance your coworker swears at you, just politely ask him her... Address rudeness, talk to the job and do n't use similar language to communicate your point run! Usually warrant summary dismissal this factor into consideration along with the person and be.... Was enough to justify dismissal of the employee altogether is the least way!, clients, and defamation of groups often contain reminders about professional behavior and for!


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