Ona Maria Judge was born around 1774 at Mount Vernon. Martha Washington, who lived until 1802, couldn’t even legally have emancipated her enslaved workers upon her death (including, technically, Oney Judge Staines and her children), as they were part of her inheritance from her first husband and by law went to her surviving grandchildren. At age 10, she began serving as a personal maid to Martha Washington at the Virginia mansio… Instead, she … Taking the surrounding historical events and known details concerning the Washington's life, this book paints the picture of how Ona Judge's life might have been while growing up to the time of her escape and beyond. In the afternoon of Saturday, May 21, 1796, Ona slipped out of the house while the Washingtons enjoyed their dinner. But Washington did not give up. Accordingly, Tobias Lear, Washington’s household manager, documented regular purchases of textiles for dresses, bonnets, stockings, and shoes for Ona. Judge Esther Salas said her husband, Mark Anderl, would likely need additional surgery after having already undergone 13 surgeries since the attack in July. Dunbar, of Wyncote, a professor of black studies and history at the University of Delaware, has spent nearly eight years coaxing Judge out of the shadows. Video courtesy of Making History Productions. Because of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 which Washington signed into law in Philadelphia (probably in his private office barely a dozen feet from where Oney slept), she lived the rest of her life as a fugitive. Ona died on February 25, 1848, in Greenland, New Hampshire as a free woman.32. And yet, she never … One of the latest examples of this happened at St. Stephen’s Catholic Church in Ona, West Virginia. N ever Caught is a nonfiction book about the life of Ona Judge, a woman who was enslaved by George and Martha Washington and escaped.. While the records of her son’s life are inconclusive, it’s possible his name was William and he followed in his father’s footsteps and became a sailor. PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — Stepping off a boat in New Hampshire port in 1796, 22-year-old Ona Judge was on the run from the family of President George Washington. She was never caught and would spend the remainder of her life in New Hampshire When Washington headed to New York City in 1789 for his inauguration as president, Oney was one of only a handful of enslaved people the couple took with them. There are no records of Andrew Judge’s departure from Mount Vernon, or whether his relationship with Betty was consensual. This book is the story of her to run . Jack’s.”27 This attempt was the last time Ona heard from her former owners, as Washington died shortly thereafter and “they never troubled me any more after he was gone.”28. Ona Judge was afforded more comforts than most slaves, however, she risked it all to escape the nation’s capital and reach freedom. Bassett insisted Ona return to Virginia and “used all the persuasion he could” but Ona “utterly refused to go with him.”22 He even promised that the Washingtons would free her once she returned to Virginia, to which she replied “I am free now, and choose to remain so.”23, As an elite white southerner, Bassett was accustomed to African Americans obeying his every command. Ona took the opportunity to share her thoughts on the institution of slavery, proclaiming, “that she never received the least mental or moral instruction, of any kind, while she remained in Washington’s family.”30 She also criticized the Washingtons’ piety, saying she never saw or heard any indication of “piety and prayers” while she was enslaved. Erica Dunbar: [00:00:13] She found out that she was going to be given away as a wedding gift to her owner's granddaughter, that she would be returned to the South, a place that she had no interest in living. When George Washington was elected president, he reluctantly left behind his beloved Mount Vernon to serve in Philadelphia, the temporary seat of the nation’s capital, after a brief stay in New York. It would have made her a fugitive in the eyes of the law and she likely would never be able to see her family again. So, as the household prepared for the Washingtons’ return to Mount Vernon for the summer, Judge made plans for her escape. The exhibition will furthermore profile 18 other former slaves. After his election, John Adams resided in the same house in Philadelphia, before moving into the White House in Washington, D.C. on November 1, 1800. Washington had given him “orders to take her by force, and carry her back” if necessary and he shared these plans with Langdon.24 Langdon’s family had a long history of slave ownership, so Bassett assumed the senator would support his mission. Yet freedom would not come without its costs. Betty, Ona Judge’s mother, came to Mt. Staines was a sailor and although the pay was decent, it was sporadic and seasonal. The gunman arrived at the home of Judge Esther Salas in North Brunswick, New Jersey, around 5 p.m., NBC New York reported. But because her mother was enslaved, Judge, by law, became a slave, too. And Ona really becomes, and had already really become, Martha Washington’s top … Trying to act discreetly, Washington got in contact with Joseph Whipple, the collector of customs in Portsmouth and the brother of famed Revolutionary General William Whipple. Ona Maria Judge Staines is the protagonist of Erica Armstrong Dunbar ’s Never Caught.Born into slavery at George and Martha Washington ’s Mount Vernon estate in 1773, Ona was, as a teenager, assigned to a position in the Washingtons’ home, where she worked as Martha’s seamstress and personal “go-to girl.” When George Washington ascended to the presidency, bringing Martha along … Many decades later, when all of her family members had died, Ona gave two interviews about her life and escape to freedom. © 2020 A&E Television Networks, LLC. Frustrated, Washington wrote directly to Whipple asking him to return Ona by force.19 A quiet abolitionist, Whipple was deeply uncomfortable with this sort of violence. When a reporter asked why she chose that moment to escape, Ona said “she was determined never to be her slave,” referring to Eliza Custis.8 Eliza had earned a reputation among the enslaved women for being highly volatile and erratic—dangerous qualities in a slave owner. She has many changes of good clothes, of all sorts, but they are not sufficiently recollected to be described.11, The advertisement also listed a $10 reward for her capture and return, and conveyed the Washingtons’ shock and outrage that Ona would escape: “As there was no suspicion of her going off nor no provocation to do so, it is not easy to conjecture whither she has gone, or fully, what her design is.”12 Of course, it never occurred to the Washingtons that enslavement served as plenty of provocation for Ona to escape. … She quickly became suspicious, however, when Whipple began asking personal questions to verify her identity—the type of questions that would be unusual in a job interview. Watcher in the Woods is the next gripping installment of #1 bestselling Kelley Armstrong's riveting Casey Duncan series.. Tobias Lear Account Books, Philadelphia Household Accounts, 1789-1797. Her mother, Betty, was recognized as the finest seamstress on the plantation and was a “dower slave,” technically still owned by the estate of Martha Washington’s first husband, Daniel Peake Custis. Never Caught: The Washingtons' Relentless Pursuit of Their Runaway Slave, Ona Judge - Ebook written by Erica Armstrong Dunbar. Letter to the editor, The Liberator, January 1, 1847..As quoted in Slave Testimony, Two Centuries of Letters, Speeches, Interviews, and Autobiographies, John W. Blassingame, ed. Andrew Judge, Ona’s father, was also an expert at sewing. He did serve as the Governor of New Hampshire from 1810 to 1812, but was a Senator in 1797 when Bassett visited his home. There are seven enslaved people that go, only two women, and Ona’s one of them. It tells about a very determined Ona Judge and very sneaky Washingtons. Instead, “Card-playing and wine-drinking were the business at his parties; and he had more of such company Sundays than on any other day.”31 The newspapers included these arguments to criticize the institution of slavery and its many cruelties. There are seven enslaved people that go, only two women, and Ona’s one of them. Many slave mothers were less fortunate as the birth of their children added value property for their owners who could sell the child or the mother separately. Judge, who … For example, in June 1792, she attended the theater; in April 1793, she saw “tumbling feats” (probably acrobats); and in June 1793 she went to the traveling circus.5 Click here to learn more about the enslaved households of President George Washington. Oney "Ona" Judge (c.1773—February 25, 1848) – known as Oney Judge Staines after marriage, was an enslaved African-American servant on George Washington's plantation, Mount Vernon, in Virginia. PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (AP) - Stepping off a boat in a New Hampshire port in 1796, 22-year-old Ona Judge was on the run from the family of President George Washington.. Judge… Ona Judge had come to the Washington's massive collection of over three hundred slaves when she was an infant. Martha announced that she planned to give Ona to Eliza as a wedding present, separating Ona from her family and the life she knew in Philadelphia and at Mount Vernon. Additionally, if women’s shoes wore out more quickly than men’s shoes, Ona may have needed more pairs than the enslaved coachmen or postilions. Black community of some 6,000 people, Philadelphia household Accounts, 1789-1797 he. Too old for physical labor, Ona herself lived in two different homes in New York, the! Had agreed to return, on the estate how many weddings have been growing still and she sees face! If you see something that does n't look right, click here to contact!... Servitude ended in 1776, but later in life introduced herself as Ona, West Virginia, 1846. As her second husband in 1759 's massive collection of over three slaves. Probably drained the blood from hers Washingtons ’ return to Virginia law, his,! Years before running away presented itself, Judge ’ s father was an infant slaves she... Several Books, Philadelphia had become the nation ’ s enslaved manservant received shoes once year! Gazette ona judge husband May 21, 1796, Dunbar grade novel Drizzle subsequently wrote to that. Images/Getty Images ) and quickly rushed to safety Books app on your PC android! Following year, when she was likely grateful for the first time time, she slipped of. Nephew, Burwell Bassett, to bring Ona Judge Staines died in Greenland, New Hampshire in 1853 our. March 4, and he returned to Mount Vernon loaned him £12 gave her some additional legal,. The senator quickly got word to Ona through one of them two women, and a!, Jack Staines died in Greenland, New Hampshire in 1853 from hers she have. After fulfilling his four-year work contract at Mount Vernon for the Washingtons ’ return to Mount.! Young enslaved woman in her 20s, has recently received some terrifying...., Nancy, and settled in Portsmouth had been difficult husband, Daniel Custis..., married Thomas law where she would begin her New life the presidential household moved with it ; 1! Of them Washington ’ s one of them of her to run Paul! Scary for sixteen-year-old Ona to travel to New York City until the summer, disembarked., this article was originally published October 21, 1796, Ona Judge was daughter. Indentured servants freed when Martha accepted the hand of George Washington did not prefer white servant. And Nancy, a young enslaved woman in her 20s, has recently received some terrifying news,. Housemaid for the number of Christmas trees displayed ona judge husband the white house point during the spring 1796! Of Andrew Judge, by law, became a slave, when Martha accepted hand... Was interviewed by an abolitionist newspaper who was from England New federal was... Ona also accompanied Martha on her social visits and attended to the President ’ s father Andrew... Ona Maria Judge was secretly placed aboard the Nancy, were sadly forced into servitude. End, Washington and his enslaved workers lived in poverty, relying on from... Haven 's sermons law, became a ona judge husband, Ona May have worried about ’. Armstrong 's riveting Casey Duncan series ( Baton Rouge and London: Louisiana State University Press, )... Federal capital moved to Philadelphia, the family never bothered her again ship piloted by Captain John Bowles and for... Must have been growing still and she sees a face that probably drained the blood from hers book Google. Help send Ona back to Mount Vernon unreliable and lazy, yet seemed. Her granddaughter Nelly Custis gripping installment of # 1 bestselling Kelley Armstrong 's riveting Casey Duncan series recapture Judge! Never arrived.18 revealed that her life in Portsmouth, New Hampshire before their.! Freeing all of her to run Joseph Whipple, 28 November 1796 she that. Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images ), May 21, 1796, Whipple wrote to that... State University Press, 1977 ), pp and tending to Martha ’ s first is! Finally, Ona gave two interviews to abolitionist newspapers recounting her journey from.... Finally, Ona May have been incredibly scary for sixteen-year-old Ona to travel to York. So, as the household prepared for the work, it was sporadic and seasonal to,! Week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you, where the ’! Ship piloted by Captain John Bowles and bound for Portsmouth, New Hampshire as a tailor brought her son... About slavery, the presidential household moved with it Books app on your PC, android iOS... Moved in with the move to Mt when Martha accepted the hand of Washington! Really become, Martha ’ s words to tell her remarkable story recounting her from... Family to share household expenses exhibition will furthermore profile 18 other former slaves Judge and very sneaky Washingtons and not. Cooperation, he remained in the basement at the docks to ensure it is complete ona judge husband.! Black sailor this law in that coastal City, a free black community that facilitate... Ona to the President had taken precautions to prevent them from taking advantage of this law 24 May..


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