O'Brien left The Crystal Maze in 1993 after the fourth series.


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Place Of Birth: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, UK. I’m very lucky that I’m in showbiz where I can be this eccentric person and therefore it’s allowed. Even sweeping up after a performance made him happy — at least he was on the stage. “Most definitely so.

Actor, writer, broadcaster, voice actor, theatre performer, Linus O'Brien, Amelia O'Brien, and Joshua O'Brien. “I was in a dream-like state. That’s when Sabrina called the ambulance.”, It was a stroke. What can you have as a substitute?” A mirthless chuckle. Years active Lords and ladies? In 1995, he performed a select number of shows as Mephistopheles Smith in a musical/comedy show he wrote entitled Disgracefully Yours, which was later given permission to be adapted into a musical, performed first by Eubank Productions for the Kansas City Fringe Fest in 2006, and more recently by Janus Theatre Company for the Edinburgh Fringe 2007, simply entitled Mephistopheles Smith. I should be dead, you know. Children The leopard-print clad keeper of all our hearts. https://rockyhorror.fandom.com/wiki/Richard_O%27Brien?oldid=9786, The Wolves of Willoughby Chase (1989) – James, The Crystal Maze (TV) (1990–1993, 2016) – Presenter, The Ink Thief (TV) (1994) – The Ink Thief, The Detectives (TV) (1995) – Dr. Phibes, Police Mortician, Elvira's Haunted Hills (2001) – Lord Vladimere Hellsubus, Phineas and Ferb (2007-2015) – Lawrence Fletcher (voice), Jackboots on Whitehall (2010) – Himmler (voice), Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension - Lawrence Fletcher (voice), Mongrels (2011) – Zombie Dog, Series 2 Episode 2.

It was only meant to run three weeks!”, Does he think Rocky Horror contributed to the discussion of gender and sexuality? “I bounced back.” But he has had to make a few unwelcome adjustments to his lifestyle.

England was swinging like a pendulum. Richard Timothy Smith is an actor, writer, broadcaster, voice actor, and theatre performer born in Cheltenham, England. “You and I have to be very careful here,” he says, sounding wary for the first time. A few months ago, however, the rakish. O'Brien left The Crystal Maze in 1993 after the fourth series.

It was regularly Channel 4's highest-rated programme, reaching a peak of 7 million viewers for the 1993 Christmas special.

Richard O’Brien is 78, but his toothpick body and lightbulb head have always lent him a certain agelessness.


“Just a little one,” he says cheerfully. A 1975 screen version became the ultimate cult movie, dominating the late-night circuit and inspiring devotees to pitch up weekend after weekend in wigs, corsets, fishnets and slap.

Additionally he guest starred in five episodes in the third season of the HTV dramatisation of Robin of Sherwood, as the corrupt druid Gulnar. But you can’t ever become a natural woman. Richard O'Brien

The lightning flashed and lit him up. I couldn’t think of anything nicer, quite frankly.” Those days are over. Richard O'Brien: Host of The Crystal Maze from its launch in February 1990 to 1993.

He met director Jim Sharman in 1972, when Sharman cast him in the dual roles of Apostle and Leper for the London stage production (transferred from Sharman's native Australia) of "Jesus Christ Superstar". Pretending you’re someone else is rather wonderful. When I got back to Britain, that was a hugely wonderful card to be holding. Be sure to read the Rocky Horror Wiki Guideline.

‘Pretending you’re someone else is rather wonderful’ …O’Brien’s brigadier character in The Barren Author. What he admired about the new country was its lack of a class system. He claims not to see many similarities between himself and the Brigadier. They think I’m being mean-spirited and I don’t want that at all.” He came out as transgender comparatively recently, saying at the time “I believe myself probably to be about 70% male, 30% female … I think of myself as a third sex and it makes things easier.”, There have been grim times in his life, including a period that he has described cryptically as “the abyss.” What was the nature of that?

In 2012 he gave a performance of song and autobiographical stories "It's Party Time with Richard O'Brien" at the Hamilton Founders Theatre to celebrate his 70th birthday. He changed his name to O'Brien (his beloved maternal grandmother's name) one day while on the phone to British Actors Equity, to avoid confusion with another Richard Smith. He talks about coming out as trans, going ‘loopy’ on crack – and speaking in tongues after suffering a stroke, Last modified on Fri 6 Nov 2020 13.50 GMT.

It would be grateful if you would help a presenter out.

He was pottering around at home in New Zealand when he suddenly found himself lying on the floor. 1965 - present

Booked into the cramped 63-seat Theatre Upstairs at the Royal Court, the show sold out, transferred multiple times, ran for seven consecutive years and has been playing somewhere in the world ever since. A music CD of the songs from Disgracefully Yours entitled Absolute O'Brien was released in 1998. Watching horror and science-fiction double features in nearby Hamilton, O'Brien added an interest in acting to his love of rock and roll. He played the role of the Child Catcher in the West End theatre production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


“I didn’t register that something was desperately wrong,” he says, speaking from the house he shares with his third wife, Sabrina, 10 miles outside of Katikati. Richard Timothy Smith. O’Brien, who played the hunchbacked, Time Warp-dancing butler Riff-Raff, remembers the view from the stage on opening night.

I was one of those people who held off getting too excited about things in case they got taken away.” That said, he will admit to some astonishment at its longevity. This page is unavailable at the moment. He also appeared in Jubilee (1977), Flash Gordon (1980), Dark City (1998), Ever After (1998) Dungeons & Dragons (2000), among others.

The Barren Author is available to buy from www.spitefulpuppet.com, Rocky Horror Show opens in London – archive, 23 June 1973, Rocky Horror's Richard O'Brien: ‘I should be dead.

The Crystal Maze Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. O'Brien guest starred as the Narrator in The Rocky Horror Show Live in 2015.

In the summer of 2006, he played the Child Catcher in the Queen's 80th birthday celebrations at Buckingham Palace. “There was a big electrical storm and Vincent Price was sitting in the audience under the skylight. Richard's family moved to Tauranga, New Zealand, in 1951 when his father, an accountant, decided to become a sheep farmer. “I stepped off the edge.

He became the presenter of UK Channel 4's game show The Crystal Maze in 1990.

I was trying to be sane but I couldn’t find sanity in the world.” It was 18 months before he felt he had fully recovered with the help of friends and family, including his grandchildren — five of them, with another on the way. ‘I know that I’m loved’ … O’Brien and wife Sabrina. He moved back to England in 1964, tried singing, then became a movie stuntman and fringe theater actor.

I was dispassionate about it. “It cheeses me off.

Actor, writer, broadcaster, voice actor, theatre performer

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If I were a primary school teacher maybe that wouldn’t be the case.”, His openness and inclusivity made it surprising when he remarked in 2016 that a trans woman “can’t be a woman. ‘I could only see madness’ … O’Brien, seen here at a gala Rocky Horror performance, took 18 months to recover from crack.

I’ve led a very excessive lifestyle.”. He became the presenter of UK Channel 4's game show The Crystal Maze in 1990.

When he was asked to perform at an EMI party, he wrote a song specially for the occasion: Science Fiction/Double Feature, an homage to trashy B-movies. I was friends with his then-girlfriend, [the model] Chrissie Shrimpton, and she introduced me to the rockocracy.

The Rocky Horror Show follows two wholesome American sweethearts, Brad and Janet, who stumble upon a spooky tumbledown mansion where they are relieved of their inhibitions by Frank-N-Furter, the sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania.

Working again with Sharman on a production of Sam Shepard's "The Unseen Hand", O'Brien mentioned a new rock musical he'd been writing called "Rock Horroar." It took me a long while to get over that. “I went mad,” he says gravely. Born in Cheltenham, he moved to Tauranga with his parents as a child.

That wasn’t intended but I’m grateful it’s helped other people feel less isolated or lonely.” It helped him, too. There was nowhere better to be on the planet and I went for it. Fuck that. Actor and playwright famous for writing and starring in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

“We’ve seen what’s been happening with JK Rowling. O’Brien handed the reigns to Tudor-Pole in the Christmas Special.

Date Of Birth: 25th March 1942. “I just thought: ‘I wonder why I can’t get up.’” Struggling to his feet, he attempted to make a drink, only to discover he couldn’t put the top back on the milk. R ichard O’Brien is 78, but his toothpick body and lightbulb head have always lent him a certain agelessness. Real Name. Richard O' Brien.

Jane Moss (1983 - 2006) Sabrina Graf (2013 - Present), The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Crystal Maze and Phineas and Ferb, Actor, writer, broadcaster,

The Crystal Maze Wiki is … Join the discussion of the Rocky Horror Wiki right here. It was regularly Channel 4's highest-rated programme, reaching a peak of 7 million viewers for the 1993 Christmas special. 1971–?

We had one microphone hanging down from the ceiling, and it would swing past the audience’s heads.”, During the show’s first transfer, “the penny dropped that there was a life to this piece that we hadn’t anticipated.

The play went into rehearsals as "They Came from Denton High," and at Sharman's suggestion, was retitled "The Rocky Horror Show" before opening in June 1973. He continued writing musicals with Richard Hartley like T. Zee (1976), Disaster (1978), The Stripper (1982), and Top People (1984). The reason for our conversation today is the six-part Baron Munchausen-esque audio comedy The Barren Author, in which he plays the Brigadier, a spinner of deliriously tall tales.

The creator of the cult show is not going quietly into his 70s.

He is most known for writing the book and music for The Rocky Horror Show in 1973, Shock Treatment in 1981 and all the failed projects; also for his voice role as Lawrence Fletcher in Disney's "Phineas and Ferb". The Crystal Maze Live IN YOUR LIVING ROOM!/BATHROO... 'Under Consoletation' Cover The Crystal Maze in a ... Noel's House Party - Saturday Night Marmite; An Unexpected Item of Mail from Richard O'Brien; The Crystal Maze USA Starts Tonight at 7pm on Nick... August (5) July (6) June (5) May (9) From that evolved in 1973 the most deranged and distinctive stage musical of its age.

Kimi Wong (m. Be it.”, Does he still hold that view on trans identity?

New Zealand gave me that gift.”, After growing restless in his early 20s, he decamped, as it were, to London. I think anybody who decides to take the huge step with a sex change deserves encouragement and a thumbs-up.


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