It’s very common to see at least one drop while you’re leveling. A fairly powerful unique sword with a decent base damage, attack speed, and extra chaos damage. Seriously this guy is the man! holy shit this this is amazing for crit trappers. Gives you 30-40 to all resistances, which is halfway to the cap (75%) before Kitava 1. A really fast unique sword for its level with a decent amount of physical damage. The rest of the items are dependent on your preferences and your build. The extra minion life is always helpful.

Mean for players that enjoy strong attacking power without losing much speed and mobility. This item can also upgraded into Queen’s Escape. Energy Shield Unique Shields (Intelligence), 4. It shines in clearing mob packs thanks to its chaining effect, making leveling go a tad bit faster.

But this was just an idea. Recommended for any physical bow users. The Unique shields in Path of Exile are a weird bunch. Solaris vanguard know only glory. Spiritual successor to Diablo 2, Press J to jump to the feed.

There are hundreds of uniques in PoE, but only a fraction are useful. This reduces the linkage hassle and even gives an extra 50-60% to global damage and 10-20% extra life and mana to sweeten the deal. Why a shield? Adequate damage, decent speed, and equippable from level 1. This can work as a replacement for Wanderlust if you can’t get them. Armour/Energy Shield Unique Helmets (Strength/Intelligence) 6. And best of all - you can get this Unique quiver super easy through a vendor recipe! Much like with its one-handed counterpart, culling effects extra damage, and speed is a common theme in leveling uniques. 1× feastbind.

That’s why it’s best to use rare rings with resists when leveling. And is also a popular item to corrupt with Vaal Orbs for +1 arrow. I also loved the bear theme, as I love bears. I came up with this a while ago far before I finished the design process.

And the latter gets boosted from the increased strength.

If you have any other questions let me know! Luckily, there are a few exceptions. The upside, however, is that you don't actually need socket links on this weapon, just the sockets themselves. Whether it’s for leveling, endgame, or messing around with some wacky build that may or may not work. There’s health, all resistances, less damage taken from crits, and intimidation aura, which makes enemies take %10 more attack damage.

When you die while frozen, it’s usually like a car crash in slow motion. An awesome unique shield with decent defensive stats that help a ton early on. A decent weapon for Skeleton Summoners. Your story behind this unique design is awesome. 60× unique rings. Every item has a list of the stats that it… A great leveling claw weapon that has tremendous attack speed and crit chance. Very nice job on this, that shield looks very very good. He is over at EDIT: People were asking my thought process in designing this item so here it is: SO first off the flavor text, if you didn't already notice has my name cleverly placed in it. Extra mana, extra regen, and reduced skill costs. The Golemancer weapon of choice, allowing you to summon one extra golem, making all golems slightly tankier, and even giving a free stone golem skill. Here are some of the best options. It also has a decent speed for a two-handed mace. (Review), Blight League Tower Defense and Mechanics Guide PoE 3.8.

The strongest two-handed weapon type in terms of flat damage. Armour/Evasion Unique Helmets (Strength/Dexterity) 5. Death’s Harp can also be upgraded into.. Mention it in the comments below and thanks for reading! The strongest one-handed weapon type in terms of flat damage.

Equip two of these and you get 2 more golems. Other than that this ring is very basic and inferior to most rare rings, so if you get one, replace it asap. After 6-8 months of talking back and forth with Rory, he suggested that instead of adding things to the item that benefited bear trap, why not just give the bear trap the bear trap gem already pre-leveled. As soon as you socket 6 support gems, you get a free 7-link. I felt bear trap should feel powerful and devastating.


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