Students investigate a variety of primary source documents related to the crisis, and take civic action based on their investigations by designing a memorial or writing a letter. Use the Peer Assessment Checklist to guide your assessment. Get exclusive content you won’t find in our magazines. Students are not likely to come up with an extensive list, but it will be added to over the activity. Does this glorify war? Students generally don’t have very many of these. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. “Doing our Job” by Major John Paul MacDonald, from MacLaine, C., Baxendale, M. S., & Galbraith, R. (1990). Montréal: Optimum. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. While the “crisis” or standoff officially began July 11, 1990 and ended September 26, 1990, the dispute began much earlier and land use continues to be a contentious issue in the area. Save up to 45% OFF the cover price. Sourcing  - E.g. One police officer died and one Mohawk elder died after suffering a heart attack behind the barricades. Explain why. Have small groups discuss and share. FB.init({ Negative connotations were placed there because of the way the Oka crisis was covered by the media. “It’s sexy – a cute guy wearing a mask … holding an AK-47.” It sounds so exotic in Canada, doesn’t it? var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Montréal: Optimum. Assign small groups to examine one of the primary source documents. Look for: understanding of the difference between a primary and secondary source, understanding that primary sources must be questioned, reasoning skills. (The Canadian press). Journal entry #2 – Four corners: What action should we take and why? js = d.createElement(s); = id; “On the one hand, I am proud because it is a symbol of the resistance of 1990,” said Gabrie. This land is our land: the Mohawk revolt at Oka. Make a donation to Canada’s History Society. Assessment FOR learning (formative) – This is an opportunity for teachers to see if students are understanding the content, and making meaningful connections to their own lives. “Natives Denounce Ottawa for Failing to Defuse Oka: 400 march on Parliament demanding federal intervention.” The Globe and Mail, Wednesday, July 18, 1990 p. A4. Crisis Finance Money Happiness Advice Fear Time Jokes Cricket Economics Neutrality Coffee Comfor Struggle Challenge Realization Potential Power Life. In this activity, students explore the Gold Rush era in British Columbia, appreciating the perseverance and strength of these early miners by participating in a 6-day hike of the Harrison-Lillooet trail. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Recognize the conflict, but offer no concrete response. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Ask: What questions do you have about this picture? In 1990 mayor of Oka, Jean Oulette, wanted to expand into the Kanesatake reserve, and the courts gave him permission! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. What does it mean if we say yes, we are obligated, or no, we are not obligated? However, the federal government ended up buying the disputed land and gave it to the Mohawks. The Mohawks from Kahnawake then blocked the Mercier Bridge which was often frequented by many people. Introduce the idea of the Ethical Dimension of history. Be aware that this is a sensitive topic, and be prepared to refer students for additional support if necessary. Does this source confirm, or contradict what I already know? Through research, art, drama and games, students will understand what it was like to live on a Seigneury in New France. Acquiring: What strategies facilitate learning for groups and individuals? What was going on at the time? Primary Source Evidence and Oka Slides by Rachel Collishaw, Document 1 - Mohawks Protest Golf Course Plans at Oka, CBC News Clip April 1, 1989, Document  2 - Tension Mounts at Oka roadblock - CBC News Clip July 11, 1990, Document 3 - Canadian Army Intervenes at Oka, CBC news clip September 1, 1990, Documents 4, 5, 6 – Debbie Etienne, Globe and Mail, Major MacDonald (excerpts), Peer Review checklists – for Primary Source Evidence and Ethical Dimension, The Historical Thinking Project – Primary Source Evidence Template, Understand Ethical Dimensions of History Template. Corroboration – E.g. Instruct them to put a checkmark beside any item for which there is a trace remaining (eg. “The Day of the Battle - July 11, 1990” by Debbie Etienne, from MacLaine, C., Baxendale, M. S., & Galbraith, R. (1990). In this lesson, students are introduced to the historical thinking concepts of Primary Source Evidence and the Ethical Dimensions through the events of the Oka Crisis of 1990. Have students discuss in their small groups these questions, and circulate to listen and ask some students/groups to share their thoughts with the class: How well do those final traces represent your life? (Paul Chiasson / The Canadian Press), Mohawk activist Ellen Gabriel prepares to speak to the media in the summer of 1990. What might be some of the challenges historians face? Journal entry #1 – Which two questions are the most important and why? “, Armed Mohawk warriors patrol the perimeter of the Kanesatake reserve near Oka, Quebec, August 8, 1990, a month after the confrontation between the Mohawks and the police. (Tom Hanson / The Canadian Press), Painting by Karoniaktajeh Louis Hall based on the photo of Tom Hanson by Danny Phillips. In this lesson, there are several opportunities for assessment. When we defend something, we are vilified.


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