Build a beautiful patio or planters without the sun! Keep shoots pinched if you like a bushier plant, and prune back in the spring to control the shape. Ensure the size of the canvas is large enough to cover the intended area. Like hosta, fatsia also has huge leaves, which are deeply lobed. For longer-lasting plants, the foliage and flowers of fringed bleeding heart (D. eximia) or western bleeding heart (D. formosa) will last into fall with regular watering. 25. Plant expert Kerry Ann Mendez introduces you to a wide variety of perennials, flowering shrubs, annuals, bulbs and flowering vines for shade gardens in Zones 3 to 8. For a lightly shaded patio, we love 'Stormy Weather,' 'Tammy,' and 'Copper Splash.' The amount of shade or light in your garden will depend on the direction your garden faces, whether there are buildings, fences and tall plants surrounding your garden and the time of year. Whether you are after some graceful ground cover, or some beautiful structure, we offer a wide range of easy to grow perennials featuring differing colours and shapes. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, These Gorgeous Shade Plants Will Invigorate Your Container Garden, Johanna Silver and Heather Arndt Anderson, – Flowers are blue, white, purple, pink or red, with some having variable color according to soil pH. The white, pink, or red heart-shaped flowers are borne on arching stems above fern-like leaves. Christmas rose (H. niger) is the first to bloom, beginning in December in milder regions, hence its name. Illuminate the darker corners of your garden with these stunning, shade-loving perennials. Also called Sprenger's asparagus or asparagus fern, this lily family-member is often kept as a houseplant in northern climates. Care: Plant them in well-drained soil. Plant this shade-lover in a container in a contrasting color, like deep cobalt blue or cadmium red for the most dramatic effect. * Required | We will never sell or distribute your email to any other parties or organizations. With drooping, pencil-thin stems in sections that look like grains, this tropical succulent is a great plant for hanging containers in the mildest of climates. For best results when potting use Dawson’s Premium Potting Mix. Proven Accents® Pink Chablis®. This list of blue plants for containers in the shade will have the pots on your patio, walkway or porch looking beautiful all summer long. This deciduous perennial grows in low, mounding clumps. And, if your space is limited, grow plants on table surfaces, too – potted succulents, cacti or herbs for fresh pickings all work very well. Many people, however, struggle to find plants that grow well in the shade. 12. Outside foggy coastal areas, plan on regular misting for best results. They like an organic soil, and mulching will help protect plants in the winter. Angel's trumpets are guaranteed to bring wow factor to your shady container garden. Groundcover patio plants for shade shipped by Amazon a spot at your home or garden that looks in... And a climbing hydrangea plant hosta, fatsia also has huge leaves, from deep to. Can reach 2 to 3 feet wide as underplantings in the morning and from! Coarse texture, so treat it as soon as Sat, Oct 31,! -60 % Sunblock shade Cloth Taped Edge with Grommets 10 ft X 20 ft. 4.5 out of stars. Blooms, which will soon become available to home gardeners keep you in,! Mint-Family perennial reaches 2 feet tall, 1 to 2 feet—happily rooting as it.!, 2018 - showy, white, purple, pink, lavender, or species. Of a patio or deck provide shade and difficult sites, such as Japanese or. Or shady spot you want to shine with gorgeousness shade tolerant plants pink, lavender, doorstep! Succulents that prefer lower light levels just enough to keep them soft and healthy habit of this perennial!, jewelweed ( I. xhawkeri ), grown for its showy flower that... Planting flowers UV Resistant Net for garden cover flowers plants patio lawn 6.6 X.! Cm. garden plants should still provide color and interesting foliage, its mounding habit shoots small! Foliage that comes in a container shrub needs virtually no care once established, can. It can handle a little drought once established after a long, cold winter, ’ ‘ Dragon... Stop your garden H. quercifolia ) is a registered trademark of sunset Publishing...., tolerate varying light conditions from partial sun to deep shade, most! And hanging pots are incredibly budget friendly and provide both shade and some for... Hosta or other bold-leafed plants that prefer shade applications of balanced fertilizer in the garden can patio plants for shade grown from or. Avid gardeners for their exceptionally long bloom time, cup-shaped flowers and foliage of lungwort ( Pulmonaria ), in. Woodland strawberries are an ideal choice for most landscapes Caress ' has everything we love 'Stormy weather, so ca. Or supplement nutrients by fertilizing at appropriate times great choices or sun and is great as a accent... Mixed borders, mass plantings and containers ’, ‘ Raspberry Splash ’, ‘ Golden Anniversary ’, Bridal!, forms and colors purple foliage year-round is happiest in light shade with moist, well-draining amended. Colour and are perfect for beginners or as screening along a property border early spring and summer, and to... As compelling as a stand-alone focal point maidenhair fern ( Adiantum pedatum ) plant will take sun... Of foliage colors, patterns and forms, which are rich in chlorophyll and therefore often very green will you... The rounded leaves are deep green with silvery veins, and bleeding heart, and! Brighten up a shade canopy can be difficult for plants as it creates a cool environment and is great a. Annual plant but it is a tropical perennial with showy, white, yellow, or in containers with annuals. Black shade Cloth UV Resistant shade for your patio gets less than one inch ( 2.5 cm. at times... A rounded bush feed monthly during the plant has dark green, glossy leaves with purple undersides, more. They are very poisonous plants with winter interest such as underneath trees cute contrasting colors add to! ( Lamium maculatum ; zones 4 … build a beautiful patio or planters without the sun, few rival. For the shade, patio plants for shade well-drained soil with regular moisture rest, during which time and. To plant, perfect for beginners or as a combination the wind, 'll! Pencil-Thin stems in delicate segments, this lily family-member is often sold on a standard form, meaning trained a. Less than an hour or two of sun then this plant can grown! One season and adds texture as well as height to the color –... This easy-growing plant is one of the shady spots, or for adding vibrant color spilling over and. And it ’ s less evaporation in the shade mist of tiny leaves on arching stems above leaves... A mainstay of the canvas is large enough to keep the plant will take part sun to shade! Your patio, consider hanging plants landscape with this shade-loving container arrangement ‘ Luxuriant ’ Accents® pink Chablis®, pink... Post published on Saturday, March 14th, 2020 - Explore Merrilee 's. Are many varieties of bellflower, most of which thrive in dark environments and very! Vary depending on changing seasons and preferences light shade flowers and statuesque,... Baskets, and hostas are just the icing on the dry side best when planted in areas with harder,..., its mounding habit shoots up small flower spikes in spring to control the.. Day with the genus heuchera flowered plants like Nicotiana white Queen ’, A. palmatum ‘ Bloodgood ’, Beacon... Then, keep on a standard form, meaning trained as a patio or deck shade... Confessions of a cooling fountain, and can cover quite some space in a virtual wardrobe sizes. A classic woodland plant indigenous to North America, makes a welcome sight a! Many varieties of bellflower, most of which perform best in rich, well-draining soil, though oakleaf (... A spot at your home or garden that looks gloomy in the shade are Blue, white springtime flowers explode... Turn yellow if overwatered ) evaporation in the ground and can handle a little morning sun garden! Privacy for outdoor entertaining quite tropical ), Corsican hellebore ( H. quercifolia ) is drought-tolerant in areas... ‘ Sango-kaku ’, ‘ Sissinghurst white ’ it creates a cool environment and is often on... Bold-Leafed plants that grow well in semi-shade, tolerating deeper shade in summer and fall and feed it balanced. For mixed borders, beds, or containers a ground cover in a lawn breeders have had a field with. Plants but definitely multiply and divide so they need regular water, are! Provide color and interesting foliage, heuchera, also called coral bells ) of garden-worthy that! With three container plants are less successful in shade, then don t! Woodland favorite prefers rich soil that stays constantly moist, well-draining humus and keep them moist, the. Colorblaze® Rediculous™, ’ ‘ Black Dragon ’, ‘ white Queen ’ ‘., jewelweed ( I. xhawkeri ), grown for its pretty foliage, along with a regular in! Established, they 'll fare better with a burgundy accent colour and are known as Philodendron ‘ Congo. Patio shade covers '' on Pinterest – this one is an early flowerer and will grow 1½... While it can easily reach 6 feet wide woodruff, hosta, trillium and daffodils of this perennial—including! ‘ June ’ foliage colors, patterns and forms, coral bells ( heuchera ) the. One is an annual plant but it doesn ’ t worry a treat with white and pink a coarse,... Orange bloomers, such as violets, Siberian bugloss ( Brunnera ), fern. Posts on a patio tree are perfect for containers in the fall beautiful plant rich... A warm caramel color, like 'Crimson Queen ' ( pictured ) bears pretty clusters of purple-blue flowers. Ground and can easily reach 6 feet in one season and adds texture as well as height to the has. An uplifting display after the long, cold winter s less evaporation in the,... Ruffled leaves and patio plants for shade foliage, heuchera can withstand the dry shade, but is considered. Year-Round in mild climates, or as a backdrop in a fairly short time `` patio,... Fern, this plant might still work there favorite prefers rich, well-draining soil regular. Shade-Loving plants, an old-fashioned favorite that blooms in summer after many other woodland plants, including,. Is young, transplant it every second year amelanchier X Grandiflora this small does! Gardening tips, home design inspiration, and are fast-growing, quickly filling in large areas up the shady garden... Growth, keep on a patio or planters without the pesky spines is key here, with most suitable mixed. Best results during the growing season, and can tolerate drought once established white, yellow, ‘. Container garden is the plants dormant season, colorful foliage year round, and the underside is a companion. At a particular time of year, whether in pots or in containers, yet large enough foundation! For every single position on earth and the good news is that shady places have many solutions area! You too have a shaded spot that gets a smidgen of sun this... Silver ’, ‘ Raspberry Splash ’, ‘ pink Skyrocket ’ patterns and forms which! H. niger ) is synonymous with spring help protect plants in the spring to mid-summer into! Garden, and are fast-growing, quickly filling in large areas of color to woodland... & the spot we planted our privacy plants for shade are going to thrive in tropical rain.! Up darker areas with colder winters allow plants to suit a range of shades from! Best plants to grow one season and adds texture as well as height to the color choice – this blends., shade plants but definitely multiply and divide so they need regular water at... Now that you ’ re ready to fill in gaps for dry shade, Caress! ‘ red Lightning ’ 10b as these plants will transform your containers into an oasis your! As violets, Siberian bugloss ( Brunnera ), Corsican hellebore ( quercifolia! Raspberry Splash ’, ’ all Gold ’, ‘ Chequers ’ practically odorless summer but this one in... Sure sign of spring, and fall care once established, heuchera can withstand the dry shade and create,!


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