Nemesis 2 has been remade twice on the X68000. Only three Wreeks remained, and James Burton was among them.

Arcade. The Gradius Empire, with its planet as its mother star, has a population of about 2 billion people, and colony stars called seven neo-space plants on its vicinity. Single player, multiplayer. After a military trial, Venom and the others were exiled to Planet Sard. However, the rescue activities of the Imperial Government and its reconstruction efforts never reached the Wreeks, causing four more to die. Depending on how fast you destroy the boss will determine how many weapons you get (2 for 15 seconds, 1 for 16–30 seconds, none if beyond 30 seconds except for the X68000 version). This ends with a battle against a gigantic mechanical spider, the Shadow Dancer, which is also completely invincible, and the only way to beat it is by dodging beneath its legs to find a safe spot until it leaves the screen. You can also choose from the classic Gradius shield, which protects the front part of the ship, or a larger Force Field, which is weaker but protects the entire ship. This version is more faithful to the original, with only updated graphics and music. The second level features an H. R. Giger inspired layout, complete with eggs that hatch little facehugger creatures straight from the Alien movies. Triggered by this battle, the Wreek power gained a lot of attention and development competition involving private research methods intensified. During this time, the distrust and hatred of the Wreeks' empire rapidly increased.

Amongst the new weapons are a Spread Bomb, which drops at an arc and causes a damaging explosion when it makes contact; the 2-Way Missiles, which fires both upward and downward; the Tail Gun, which will fire shots in front of and behind the Vic Viper; and the Ripple Laser, which is less powerful than the standard laser but much wider. Developer Although response to these changes was sufficiently possible with the technical prowess of Gradius, the problem was that the Gradius Empire's main energy source was extracted from recycled particles contained in the sunlight. Konami

When you start the game or when you continue, you can choose your weapon array, which consists of four different arsenal variations. At the start, there are the traditional weapons (Missile, Double, Laser). Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou (“Gofer’s Ambition”), called Vulcan Venture in Europe, upgrades almost everything from the original game, and sets down most of the traditions that define the series. The countdown reverberates at the start control base. All of the music is CD audio, and identical to the arcade version.

The difficulty level has been fine-tuned for home play – the easiest setting here is less challenging than the easiest setting on the arcade game, but the hardest level is just as brutal.


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