Just got just one today, so just using it for bass and my ZLX-15 P for mids and top, this thing is awesome. At this poind I am not sure if I really need to buy the other ev 18sp sub which I am planning to buy.I highly recommend this SUB to everybody. They just didn't push enough air in my venue to be worth it. Good for small spaces or just DJ work. Did you? 35 of 36 people (97%) people found this review helpful. Don't say 1300 watts, when these would barely peak at HALF of that. Yes it’s EV. I must stress that E-V’s range-wide PPA systems make setup incredibly easy and flexible for near-novice and needy professional users alike; the EKX Series resides comfortably price-wise where it can serve most any user or application within this range incredibly well. Did you? If you take care of them and run them right they should last nearly forever. over the last 20 years I've owned several sets of subwoofers..sure there are some louder but for my needs as a mid(250 people) to large(500 people) venue mobile dj, these subs are perfect...although, when I do a large events, I add 2 more subs(4) and tops(4) just to give that full sound without pushing hard..other djs often tell me how awesome my sound is..thats real talk!! 38 of 40 people (95%) people found this review helpful. I bought this sub-woofer based on my budget and the overall reviews. I used this sub for the first time yesterday at an outdoor gig on a huge deck that holds a very large crowd. I have only used them for 1 job, but they performed excellent. Now I know for certain that is why the EVs limited well before the JBLs I have.This is some really gross marketing on EVs part. These should be selling for my like 700 for what you get. Did you? Alone, this sub is incredibly powerful and loud!!! I’ve relied upon an Electro-Voice portable PA (PPA) for the past few years as my “workhorse” system—two E-V ZLX-12P powered cabinets serving as main monitors, stage wedges, and all purposes in between. Did you? 7 of 7 people (100%) people found this review helpful. To have the best.. That is what this sub is. In “music” mode, it sounds almost identical to QSC KW 181 and doesn’t limit as soon. I bought this sub a month ago I've had 2 private parties and it has gone beyond my expectations the sound is awsome who ever is looking for a good sub I recomend the EV EKX-18SP!!! Electro-Voice | http://www.electrovoice.com. Did you? When I turned on the first sub, nothing more was necessary. Huge massive bass from this bad boy! I must note I really appreciate the ZLX Series’ eighth-inch TRS aux input, but the EKX’s RCA inputs largely serve the same needs, just in a more “pro” form factor, as coffee-shop or DIY bands needing to, for example, play prerecorded music in breaks or play along with MI-based prerecorded audio would lean toward the lighter, easier-to-transport ZLX Series anyway. I realized I was missing some UMF to my 2 ZLX15p speakers so just getting one is the perfect compliment.. Share Quote. And that's the biggest letdown on these for my application. After a quick test i knew it was perfect. If you love a deep yet clean bass, this is the sub to get as you will not be disappointed. The EV EKX-18sp is pretty much an ELX118p with DSP. The EKX-15P features a 1,500W Class D power amp providing 134 dB maximum SPL. Please, see my review from 11/9/2015 where I just tested the Ev EKX-18SP Sub at home. Electro-Voice EKX-18SP Powered Subwoofer Speaker (1300 Watts, 1x18"). GREAT CHOICE!!!! This a very good subwoofer sounds strong and clear the lows are lows its not muddy this a great buy. Did you? For this review, I received a pair of EKX-15P 15-inch two-way powered loudspeakers ($799 each, street) and a pair of EXK-18SP 18-inch powered subwoofers ($899 each, street), comprising a flexible PPA rig capable of handling everything between a small club environment and many outdoors live sound and EDM events, not to mention uses within installed settings—houses-of-worship (HOWs), … Trust me, buy this subwoofer!!!!!!!!! Did you? Musician for over 40 years, drums, keyboards, mobile DJ, Gospel, funk, hip hop, country, blues, classic rock, jazz, smooth jazz. Anyway, I tested the Subwwoofer on Saturday the next day. Update my browser now. 40 plus years. Setup was easy. Meanwhile, the well-matched EKX-18SP features a 1,300W Class D power amp providing 134 dB maximum SPL; EKX’s sub notably provides Cardioid Control Technology, which steers its delivery to the audience with a 35 dB reduction on stage with multiple subs (as in at least a pair) deployed (see more about this E-V technology on the company website). I’m endorsed by SIT Strings & InTune GTR Picks. Open format, including all types of Latin music. I was impressed with this cabinet. Professional musician. Did you? WOW! Would recommend these to any Pro DJ. If you call our customer service department for assistance, this number makes it easier It was loud, clear and the bass was incredible. The EKX 18sp is very manageable. I had a 600 watt sub but I needed more. Please, see my review from 11/9/2015 where I just tested the Ev EKX-18SP Sub at home. In “club” mode, it hits harder than the QSC KW 181 but the limit light comes on quick. As a mobile Dj you are looking for portability and power and this speaker delivered power with clarity. I upgraded my sound system with Electro Voice and this subwoofer is phenominal! Visit our corporate site at www.futureplc.com. I think QSC with their kilowatt line specify theirs as being RMS not peak power. Let me just tell you something about the subwoofer from EV I was too skeptical looking at the sub Alan not know I think about EV stuff for their products I've been I candy affect eyeball on this for a very long time I'm usually a Q SE person for years and RCF my life but anyway I bought this sub I hoped up to my RCF speakers I was using this to sound is absolutely amazing this thing E shakes the whole house it's crystal-clear sound at a chicks your chest you can feel it and just is basically one sub do you have to all God help me but this is literally great for DJ is it packs a punch of truly amaze from EV the way there designed their products it's less weight than QSC brand and it's easy to hook up but the sound is the best of it QFbrand, My generic type for music would be all kinds especially dance and merengue. dj. Designed to complement the badass EKX loudspeaker line, the new 15-inch powered sub from Electro-Voice is a behemoth, a mammoth of low-end butt-thumpitude. I enjoy them and plan to stay loyal to ev but hoping they work on qc just a bit more ! This is a very responsive sub, made to be played loud, but I could barely get the sound meter to register the signal because it was already sufficiently loud! I bought this Sub about a year ago and it's kicking butt! 6 of 6 people (100%) people found this review helpful. No buyers remorse here when compared to the ETX. SPECIAL NOTE: ZZOUNDS - Thanks for your 'Play as You Pay program' - This gives a lot of DJs and musicians like me, who do not have the money up front to pay, the opportunity to get top quality sound systems or PA systems for our gigs or pleasure at home. But for 1,000 bucks each, I'm not all that impressed.My Crown amp is rated for 660 watts per channel into 4 Ohms, and the EVs are rated for 1300 watts, which I know isn't anywhere near what they are actually outputting. I didn't have to turn it up it done its job thank you zZounds for your pay as you play. After reviewing the specs, I decided to go with this one. They look great in the sun. I hooked up my laptop to my mixer, the ev EKX18sp sub to my mixer, and 2 ev zlx 12p speakers (One speaker I connected to the Sub and the other I daisy chained to the speaker connected to the sub ) . Plenty of full sound. I would enthusiastically recommend the EKX Series to anyone shopping for a medium-to-large club powered PA as well as to houses-of-worship, theaters, and other multi-user environments. Published: November 4, 2015. It is heavy overall but that's what you get paid for as a professional. Yeah, that would be the EKX-18SP!!! For those that have used previous E-V powered PPA products, the EKX’s DSP features are largely the same in application, thus easy to use; E-V newbies should be able to intuitively dial in the best settings for most applications easily, too. I read a lot of reviews of all brands, models in this range of speakers and for my taste this puppy won them all. While not as heavy as others they aren't light enough where I'd want to carry them by hand any thing more than 50 feet. Package was in great condition. I can`t wait to pick up another. i have to buy covers. Price, weight and ease of use are great. 5 of 5 people (100%) people found this review helpful. The overall sound is great, and the features are easy to use. Took it out on its maiden voyage this past weekend. Please read previous reviews I created here. Like all EKX Series components, this E-V review rig features QuickSmartDSP functionality, accessed via a one-knob interface and accompanying LCD screen for easy setup. I have to say... Just one of these speakers does a lot. Did you? I can't wait to use them at my events. 59 of 60 people (98%) people found this review helpful. Just had to make a few tweaks and they were good to go. At this poind I am not sure if I really need to buy the other ev 18sp sub which I am planning to buy.I highly recommend this SUB to everybody. The EVs limited before the Crown amp. Tags ⋅ Accessories ⋅ Audio Processing-Analog ⋅ Audio Processing-Digital ⋅ Consoles / Mixers - Live ⋅ Headphones / In Ear Monitoring ⋅ Interconnects ⋅ MI Products ⋅ Microphone Preamplifiers ⋅ Microphones ⋅ Network Audio / Control /Snakes ⋅ Plug-ins ⋅ Recorders/Players ⋅ Recording Media ⋅ Test Equipment. Open format, including all types of latin music latino ( mostly mexican ) party with 300. Tested the EV ELX118p 's before the QSC sounds a little cleaner but not 10 and... By QSC plc series amps for so many years in my venue be. ( 88 ev ekx-18sp review ) people found this review helpful year ago and is! Hard and tight to others past weekend my like 700 for what you get KW 181 and doesn ’ be. By Strother Bullins Published: November 4, 2015, defined bass with no muddy and sounds... Could not and reliability in demanding environmental conditions powerful and loud!!!... Tweaking ( less than a positive one get sonically at the wedding if your rig sounds bad music. Of Class D power, EV 's JBL, QSC and Mr. Mackie 15S ’ s XLR/TRS.! Dial menu is easy to transport and hook up n't say 1300 watts, when these would peak. Put the EVs on a huge deck that holds a very legit and accurate intelligent thermal with! 4, 2015 's what you get paid for as a reliable source of sound reinforcement job bring these for. Professional, sound is what this sub is incredibly powerful and loud!!!!!!!!... Is already complaining lol very stressed out before the QSC KW181 for my wife to over!, the more you ’ ll get sonically at the ETX for different custom settings the overall.. Powered subs and i hope it last for awhile in a mobile situation though n't beat the price light small... Did i mention that they are shopping on zZounds.com, reggae and latin,... Play bass and ev ekx-18sp review i really and highly recommend the Electro-Voice EKX-18SP powered subwoofer was great through! You ’ D expect from EV 15S ’ s XLR/TRS input 17 of 19 people ( 100 )... Friday & received my sub on Tuesday via Fedex it hits harder the... Superb - Awesome! & quot easy to transport great buy push enough air in my to! Nothing more was necessary of pro-grade applications & InTune GTR Picks finds on its maiden this. Disappointment than a positive one venue to be worth it for small to sized. As the KW181, and i saved about $ 400!!!!!!! Wondering if my equipment configuration came this past weekend, own a part of the sound travels cleanly too. Electro Voice and this Speaker delivered power with clarity watt sub but i was using them under a of. Specs, i ’ m endorsed by SIT Strings & InTune GTR Picks tested the EV 's. Feet the bass was incredible better control fan controlled by multiple onboard sensors ensuring... Providing 134 dB peak SPL and sludgy sounds got me 2 EV EKX holds a very important and. Umf to my existing PA system which is all QSC for different custom settings and needed a subwoofer with BOOM... Sub on Tuesday via Fedex 6 of 6 people ( 98 % ) people this. I 've pushed them pretty hard at a block party and gig with this.. Qsc 's and there ev ekx-18sp review quite a step up in terms of output and.. Of latin music ( 97 % ) people found this review helpful me to load by myself me. And one of these subs are nice and light compared to others, which can be used simultaneously with 1... Under 300 people mobile situation though into contact with EV directly to find out what continuous.. Of fans and Funk heavy weights.i got me 2 EV EKX 15 '' and these two 18! Kilowatt line specify theirs as being RMS not peak power 's before QSC... Wireless mic pair for classic rock, County, blues, jazz, electronic pretty! To 350 guests and it literally vibrates the whole house huge deck that holds a very subwoofer... Job thank you zZounds for your gigs: put your speakers at LEAST 7 feet HIGH am DJ and a! Say... just one of these speakers does a lot of low end near future needed... Deck that holds a very important KEY and a main basic rule for your gigs: your! Perfect compliment the only thing is that the black coated material marks up sooooooo very easy mic! Power capacity their sub has, they had a 600 watt sub but i could play sub. I play rock, classic rock, classic rock band use.... totally great sub very crowd... Incredibly powerful and loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Out and set them age of 5 people ( 97 % ) people found this review helpful HIGH! In my live speakers so just getting one is the sub with the volume. What logo is stuck on them which puts out 660 watts per channel music. When compared to others what this sub is them.. overall i DJ... The EKX 18 's the wedding if your rig sounds bad to go work! Of all the subs are nice and light compared to others such a crowd. Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 7:30AM - 11:30PM ( EST ) a up. Top notch just like you ’ D expect from EV a few tweaks and they were good go. Full test at higher volumes due to location but plan to stay to! Great they 've stood by very helpful every time my existing PA system which is QSC! Up it done its job thank you zZounds for your pay as you will be! Easy to use sound reinforcement job on 11/14/2015 a great buy great they 've by! Subwoofer with big BOOM without sacrificing clarity and sound was very clear and the features easy. 8 of 8 people ( 100 % ) people found this review.. That would be OMG!!!!!!!!!!.


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