• Kenhub. The phalanges are divided into proximal, middle, and distal, which get progressively smaller the more distal you look. The metacarpals connect the carpals to the phalanges. The extensor pollicis longus wraps around this landmark. The pubic symphysis joint is a joint between the two pubic bones in the anterior midline. The tibial plateau is the term given to its superior articulating surface, and is divided in the midline by an intercondylar eminence.

These bones overlie the parietal lobes of the brain. Hence, they allow for minimal movement with a slight degree of mobility (therefore they are known as amphiarthrotic joints). The remaining five cervical vertebrae are very similar in structure. The anterior inferior iliac spine (AIIS) lies below the ASIS, and is where the rectus femoris muscle attaches. The parotid duct (Stenson’s duct) empties into the mouth opposite (lateral) to the second upper molar - location can be approximated using the tongue. The occipital bone - Forms the most posterior surface of the skull and overlies the occipital lobe. The glenohumeral joint is a highly mobile joint, but is unstable as a result.

Stapes articulates with the round window via its footplate, which then causes electrochemical transmission of sound via the changing pressures in the inner ear. The femur is a long bone that forms two condyles distally that articulate with the tibial plateau. The thigh is the proximal region of the leg and the bony basis is the femur. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. It is the combination of this joint and our elongated thumbs that allow us to oppose the thumb and therefore perform complex tasks with our hands. The second metacarpal articulates with the trapezoid carpal bone. Think you know the bones of the body? These paired foramina are where the mixed spinal nerves leave the spinal canal, and form the nerve plexi and other innervations. The condyles sit on the C shaped medial and rounded lateral menisci, respectively. This vertebra can easily be identified by the presence of the odontoid peg (dens), a superior projection that allows the axis to remain closely bound to the atlas (and stabilized by the atlantoaxial ligaments), and enables smooth movement of the skull for rotational motions.

The ulna has a large proximal end, which has the trochlear notch, in which the trochlea of the humerus articulates. These are joints that allow for no movement at all (synarthrotic). There are strong sacrospinous, sacrotuberous, and iliolumbar ligaments that offer support to the bony anatomy. The first metacarpal articulates with the trapezium carpal.

The maxilla contains an air sinus, which lightens the bone and has a role in the sound of phonation. They range in size from the tiniest found in the middle ear, to the largest that forms our thigh. – The temporal bones - This bone is paired (left and right sides) where it has squamous portions and petrous portions. The cervical spinous processes are bifid. The most posterior surface of the occipital bone is where the highest, superior, medial, and inferior nuchal lines are found. It forms the scapulothoracic joint via its anterior surface. The false ribs also form a connection with the sternum anteriorly, but it is via costal cartilage, and the floating ribs do not form connections anteriorly at all. The middle metacarpal articulates with the capitate carpal bone. • The human body has an amazing array of different bones, many of which you can find on yourself or on a skeleton. In this article, we will systematically go through all the bones of the body, describe their location, and joints. The cervical spine itself has a large degree of mobility, including flexion, extension, lateral flexion, and rotation. The anterior cruciate ligament attaches just anterior to the eminence, and runs upwards in a diagonal fashion to insert on the medial surface of the lateral femoral condyle. This is where the inguinal ligament attaches medially. Here is the full list: Bones in the Head: Cranial bones (8): frontal, parietal (2), temporal (2), occipital, sphenoid. The pisiform is a pea-like sesamoid bone (a bone that lies in a tendon) that sits on top of the triquetrum and lies within the tendon of flexor carpi ulnaris. There is a superior and inferior pubic ramus on each side, which are separated by the obturator foramen. The vertebral veins also run in this foramen. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. The sacrum has ala (wings) and sacral foramina, which allow the sacral spinal nerves to leave the vertebral canal two nerves at a time. Examples include the pubic symphysis and the intervertebral disc joints. Examples include the knee joint which forms between the femoral condyles and the tibial plateau, and the elbow joint, which forms between the humerus and the bones of the forearm (radius and ulna). : want to learn more about it?

Posteriorly, the ribs form costovertebral joints with the thoracic vertebrae, which consist of one facet joint with the margin between two adjacent thoracic vertebrae, and another joint between the neck of the rib and the transverse process of the thoracic vertebra. The base of the radius is large and forms the radioscapholunate component of the wrist joint. The metatarsals articulate with the proximal phalanges, which articulate with the middle phalanx, which articulate with the distal phalanx. The sounds cause the eardrum to vibrate, and hence these three ossicles to transmit the kinetic energy. The posterior part of the ulna has a large olecranon process also known as the elbow. The upper jaw is known as the maxilla. The jugular foramen and foramen lacerum are also found at the posterior and anterior borders of the bones respectively.


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