Unusual views of Big Ben's bell and clock, and of London from above, during repair work. Adults And Children …

The tower is a British cultural icon recognised all over the world.

[42], 21 August 2017: Start of 4-year silencing of the chimes during maintenance and repair work to the clock mechanism, and repairs and improvements to the clock tower building. Various CUs of Big Ben clock face on Westminster Palace. The nickname was applied first to the Great Bell; it may have been named after Sir Benjamin Hall, who oversaw the installation of the Great Bell, or after English heavyweight boxing champion Benjamin Caunt. 894646. [48], Since the tower was not yet finished, the bell was mounted in New Palace Yard but, during testing, it cracked beyond repair and a replacement had to be made.

[16] The Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced the change of name on 12 September 2012 at the start of Prime Minister's Questions. The surrounds of the dials are gilded.

[79] In February 2020 it was confirmed that the renovations had revealed that the Elizabeth Tower had sustained greater damage than originally thought in the May 1941 bombing raid that destroyed the adjacent House of Commons. [69], The sound of the clock chiming has also been used this way in audio media, but as the Westminster Quarters are heard from other clocks and other devices, the sound is by no means unique. The design for the tower was Pugin's last design before his final descent into madness and death, and Pugin himself wrote, at the time of Barry's last visit to him to collect the drawings: "I never worked so hard in my life for Mr Barry for tomorrow I render all the designs for finishing his bell tower & it is beautiful."[10]. Elizabeth Tower, previously called the Clock Tower but more popularly known as Big Ben,[3][5] was raised as a part of Charles Barry's design for a new palace, after the old Palace of Westminster was largely destroyed by fire on the night of 16 October 1834.

The rock band U2 incorporated the Third Quarter chime as a guitar harmonic in the song "11 O'Clock Tick Tock" in 1980.

[15] On 26 June 2012, the House of Commons confirmed that the name change could go ahead. The time signalled by the last of the "six pips" (UTC) may be fractionally different. Big Ben gets a special wash for the Coronation.
The hands show the time as 11 o'clock.

Scaffolding was put up around the tower immediately after the bells were silenced. [1] For three years Big Ben was taken out of commission and the hours were struck on the lowest of the quarter bells until it was repaired. [12] However, the tower currently has no lift, though one is being installed, so those escorted had to climb the 334 limestone stairs to the top.[11]. Material relating to newsreel story "Cleaning Time" - 53/38. Big Ben chimes eight o'clock. Big Ben is the nickname for the Great Bell of the striking clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London;[1] the name is frequently extended to refer to both the clock and the clock tower.

[23], Before 1878: The clock stopped for the first time in its history, "through a heavy fall of snow" on the hands of a clock face. The hour bell of the Palace of Westminster last broke its regular pattern for the funeral of George VI on February 15, 1952, but the day after tomorrow it will sound more than 40 times between 8.12am and 8.15am as part of the artist Martin Creed’s Work No. [83][84], Bell within the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster in London, England, The actual weight quoted by the founders is 13, Steve Jaggs, Keeper of the Clock, interviewed on, funeral of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, New Year celebrations in the United Kingdom, "Big Ben 'bongs' to be silenced for £29m refurbishment", "Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey including Saint Margaret's Church", "Frequently asked questions: Big Ben and Elizabeth Tower", "Bong!
[13] It leans by about 500 millimetres (20 in) at the finial. [26], 30 April 1997: The clock stopped 24 hours before the general election, and stopped again three weeks later. [8] The usage persists in Welsh, where the Westminster district, and Parliament by extension, is known as San Steffan. Big Ben is put forward an hour for the start of British summer time. [26], 2 April 1934: The clock stopped from 7:16 a.m. to 1:15 pm, when it was repaired. The decision to silence the bells was made to protect the hearing of the workers on the tower, and drew much criticism from senior MPs and the then Prime Minister Theresa May. [1][46][59] Now Big Ben is often used, by extension, to refer to the clock, the tower and the bell collectively, although the nickname is not universally accepted as referring to the clock and tower. [81], The aim of the renovation is to repair and conserve the tower, upgrading facilities as necessary, and ensuring the tower's integrity for future generations. The clock's movement is famous for its reliability.

The interior volume of the tower is 164,200 cubic feet (4,650 cubic metres). Big Ben will ring outside its normal schedule for the first time in 60 years on Friday morning to mark the opening day of the Olympic Games. The tower is designed in Pugin's celebrated Gothic Revival style, and is 315 feet (96.0 m) high. Because the low bell (B) is struck twice in quick succession, there is not enough time to pull a hammer back, and it is supplied with two wrench hammers on opposite sides of the bell. [52], The quarter bells play a once-repeating, 20-note sequence of rounds and four changes in the key of E major: 1–4 at quarter past, 5–12 at half past, 13–20 and 1–4 at quarter to, and 5–20 on the hour (which sounds 25 seconds before the main bell tolls the hour).

[26], 28 January 1947: The rubber bushings on the quarter bell hammers again froze before the clock sounded midnight, muting the chimes, though the problem was resolved by the morning. The Great Clock was shut down for a total of 26 days over nine months – it was reactivated on 9 May 1977. [34], 29 October 2005: The mechanism was stopped for about 33 hours to allow maintenance work on the clock and its chimes.

[76] On 27 July 2012, starting at 8:12 a.m, Big Ben chimed 30 times, to welcome the Games of the 30th Olympiad, which officially began that day, to London. [20] The clock is hand wound (taking about 1.5 hours)[21] three times a week. [46] It sounds an E-natural. Big Ben can also be heard striking the hour before some news bulletins on BBC Radio 4 (6 p.m. and midnight, plus 10 p.m. on Sundays) and the BBC World Service, a practice that began on 31 December 1923. At Yankee Stadium, the chimes are played whenever a member of the New York Yankees scores a run, a tradition that began at their original ballpark. [22], On 10 May 1941, a German bombing raid damaged two of the clock's dials and sections of the tower's stepped roof and destroyed the House of Commons chamber. It resumed, but stopped again at 10:20 pm, and remained still for about 90 minutes before resuming.

On 2 June 2012, The Daily Telegraph reported that 331 Members of Parliament, including senior members of all three main parties, supported a proposal to change the name from Clock Tower to Elizabeth Tower in tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in her diamond jubilee year. Its base is square, measuring 39 feet (12 m) on each side. [72], Londoners who live an appropriate distance from the tower and Big Ben can, by means of listening to the chimes both live and on analogue radio, hear the bell strike thirteen times.

3–4 June 1941: The clock stopped from 10:13 p.m. until 10:13 the following morning, after a workman repairing air-raid damage to the clock face left a hammer too close to the mechanism. Registered in England No. [70] Similarly, on Remembrance Day, the chimes of Big Ben are broadcast to mark the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month and the start of the two minutes' silence. The designers were the lawyer and amateur horologist Edmund Beckett Denison, and George Airy, the Astronomer Royal.


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