They used rope trusses to stiffen the beam of ships. These social relationships were mirrored in their beliefs. In Greek iconography, Antaeus was clearly distinguished from the Greeks in appearance. [24] In addition to political changes, the Carthaginians imported some of the Berber deities. He was depicted with long hair and a beard that was typical for the Eastern Libyans. These pyramid tombs have attracted the attention of some scholars, such as Mohammed Chafik who wrote a book discussing the history of several of the tombs that have survived into modern times. Hull, Quebec, 1997. Nevertheless, the Greeks were the victors. These are frequently made from ladles or stirring sticks and are carried about by women and children who chant and pray. Later, there were wars between them.
He tried to relate the pyramidal Berber tombs with the great Egyptian pyramids on the basis of the etymological and historical data. According to historian Susan Wise Bauer, This did not go over well for the native North Africans [...] They sent a message to Egypt asking for help, and 'put themselves in the protection of the Egyptian king Apries.'

Though somewhat outdated in part, Alfred Bel's La religion musulmane en Berbérie, vol. A widely-distributed and diverse ethnic group, the ancient Berbers spoke a subset of the Afro-Asiatic languages, linguistically related to that of the Egyptians, Kushites, Arabs, Syrians, Levantine tribes, and Somalis. Many of Berber ancient beliefs were developed locally while some other ones were imported or influenced over time by contact from other African mythology such as the Egyptian religion along with external forces from Phoenician mythology, Judaism, Iberian mythology, and the Hellenistic religion during antiquity. [9] The Tomb holds the graves of King Juba II and Queen Cleopatra Selene II, sovereigns of Mauretania. In addition to political changes, the Carthaginians imported some of the Berber deities. The Barghawāṭah worshiped one god, Yākush, and had a Berber scripture consisting of eighty chapters. [6]. Two years prior to the sacking of Carthage in 146 BCE, the Roman Republic decided to legitimize various Numidian tribal leaders as heads of their own respective Numidian client states, likely to ensure stability and curb the prospects of a single Libyan ruler creating an empire in North Africa at the expense of Rome. He reported: They begin with the ear of the victim, which they cut off and throw over their house: this done, they kill the animal by twisting the neck. "Berbers." “The Berbers and the death.”.

[1], Unlike the majority of mainland Berbers, the Guanches mummified the dead. Ancient History Encyclopedia Foundation is a non-profit organization. So, why exactly did the Romans think that the Berbers were less civilized than other African cultures, such as the Egyptians? [22], The Greeks of Cyrenaica seemed also to have adopted some Berber customs and intermarried with the Berber women. has thousands of articles about every The first notable appearance of Libyan influence on the Cyrenaican-Greek beliefs is the name Cyrenaica itself. The Roman pantheon seems to have been adopted generally, although the cult of Saturn, as mentioned above, was perhaps the most important. They later identified their supreme god Zeus with the Libyan Ammon. Islam Some scholars situate it in Tangier where Antaeus lived, according to some myths. The Greeks seem also to have met the god Triton in Libya. [10], The monument of Msoura is the best-known megalithic monument in northwest Africa. [9], The monument of Mzora (also spelled as Msoura) is the best known megalithic monument in northwest Africa. He was killed by the Byzantines. On the basis of archaeological evidence, it seems that the Berbers of antiquity had a well-developed funerary cult. They comprise a group of closely related languages spoken by the Berbers, who are indigenous to North Africa. Another important celebration in the solar cycle is the summer solstice, called variously l-ʿanṣra, l-ʿanṣart, and tʿaynsāt (Arab., anṣārah ). [8] The Numidian pyramid in Tipaza, is also known as Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania|"Kbour-er-Roumia" or "Tomb of Juba and Sypax" mistranslated by the French colonizer as "Tomb of the Christian Woman". The Berbers are a pre-Arab ethnic group that has largely adopted an Arab identity; so many don't like to be identified by their ancestral ethnicity. He used to protect the lands of the Berbers until he was slain by the Greek hero Heracles who married Tingis and fathered the son Sufax. They swore by them and consulted them. The legend tells that Antaeus was the undefeatable protector of the Libyans. In Greek sources, he was the giant son of Poseidon and Gaia, who lived in the interior desert of Libya. One of his iconographic representations, showing him seated on a lion (his animal attribute) and holding a serpent (the symbol of death and fertility), has continued in folk religion down to the present. Inscriptions from the Roman period mention a god, Ieru, whose name corresponds to the Berber ayyur or ior ("moon"). Some of the Berber ancient beliefs still exist today subtly within the Berber popular culture and tradition. The chapter on religion in Gabriel Camps's Berbères: Aux marges de l'histoire (Paris, 1980), pp. It centered on the Egyptians' interactions with many deities believed to be present in, and in control of, the world. Since most Berbers simply avoided Arab armies, this conversion wasn't necessarily by force. Islam—whether practiced normatively or not—still commands the Berbers' fundamental religious allegiance. He was taken by the Berbers to their battles against the Byzantines. Rabbi Ephraim Enqawa of Tlemcen, a Jewish saint, who is venerated throughout the Berber regions of southern Morocco, is invariably depicted in the same fashion. He used to protect the lands of the Libyans until he was slain by the Greek hero Heracles who married Tingis. There are a few clues that can help us theorize the origins of the Berbers. It's important to remember, however, that without a single, historic, shared identity, there were actually several social systems employed by Berber communities.

Tullius Cicero (105-43 BCE) also reported the same cult in On the Republic (Scipio's Dream): When I (Scipio) was introduced to him, the old man (Massinissa, king of Numidia) embraced me, shed tears, and then, looking up to heaven, exclaimed I thank thee, O supreme Sun, and you also, you other celestial beings, that before I departed from this life I behold in my kingdom, and in my palace, Publius Cornelius Scipio ....[13]. This worship is common to all the Libyans.[11]. Numidians were prized for their horsemanship and thus made up a significant portion of the Carthaginian cavalry during the Punic Wars. [27] In Greek iconography, Antaeus was clearly distinguished as being different from the Greeks in appearance. Few of the spirits inhabiting these holy spots had names; they were impersonal forces, like so many of the jnun of later Berber folk belief. barbaroi, Eng. The emigrating Greeks made her their protector besides their Greek god Apollo. Feminine names begin and end with "t" in the Berber languages. [15] During the Roman period, Saturn was the focus of an important cult, subsuming that of Baal Hammon, a deity of Punic origin. From Punic times onward, it seems that foreign gods were borrowed and syncretized with local North African deities. This goddess was represented in diverse ways on Numidian coins from the first century BCE. He was famed for his loss to Heracles as part of his twelve Labours. Antaeus, known to the Berbers as Anti, was a figure in Berber and Greek mythology. Essai sur la religion des Libyens, by L. Bertholon (in Revue Tunisienne), 1909.


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