/Producer (�� Q t 4 . Quiz: Are You A True Star Wars Series Fan? PLAY. >> /Subtype /Link

1. Who used to beg customers, "Please don’t squeeze the Charmin?" >> The first episode of the soap opera All My Children is broadcast on what television network?

10 0 obj /Border [0 0 0] 1970s Pop Culture Trivia. >> /A << So let’s get funky and let’s get groovy with our Disco-related quiz. Disco Quizzes & Trivia Well you can’t tell by the way I use my questions, I’m a quiz’s man, no time to talk, questions loud and answers warm, I’ve kicked around since I was born. /Parent 2 0 R endobj A: 15,621. The Sex Pistols, The Glam Rock Quiz – 12 questions on the best of Glam Music. Are you an, Siliconhell Doctor Who Quiz.

15 0 obj Past Times - The 70s (30 questions… John Travolta. >> >> I quite clearly remember. /Subtype /Link /SMask /None>> /A << << 12 0 obj (Level 1-5). 70s Quiz questions with answers. Our challenges are right here, they’re fresh and ready for you to answer them all. !�+�a��a�r}��t�uU�����m������*>�Cq�c�ǎo՟���wU���~�a�c��ʾ_�_V�������i��_V������s�_���t���('��7�%��K�@[��[�3HV%���/.~� 1 0 obj

14 0 obj I absolutely loved watching Grange Hill. /Type /Page

Match. Disco Fever! /ColorSpace <<

[ 10 0 R 11 0 R ] 4 0 obj How about, Classic Coronation Street Quiz. /S /URI Learn. Which toy answered user’s questions with replies like, “It is certain” or “Reply hazy, try again?" Quiz: What Is Your Rap Name? >> For those who love The Seventies. [0 /XYZ 44.8800000 Flashcards. Who sang Burn Baby Burn? /URI (http://files.inmanuals.com/document.php?q=1970s Music Trivia Questions And Answers) 1970 Trivia Questions With Answers From The 70s. >> 70s Quiz questions with answers. 6) 1970s Music trivia questions and quizzes. /GSa 3 0 R /Type /ExtGState Terms in this set (7) Who starred in Saturday Night Fever? He featured in, Star Trek Quiz based on the original series. endobj SitemapCopyright © 2005 - 2020 ProProfs.com. << 1 2 . • Talking Barbie • Ouija Board • Magic 8 Ball 3. For those who love The Seventies. /Contents 12 0 R Which Harry Potter Hogwarts House Do You Belong To Quiz!

James Bond quiz Questions and Answers. %PDF-1.4 A lot of people enjoy movies that frighten them. 8 . From Marc Bolan to Suzie Quatro. [0 /XYZ 44.8800000 Corrie is Britain’s longest-running soap it’s been, 70s Comedy Quiz featuring British TV shows such as Fawlty Towers, Porridge and Rising Damp. [/Pattern /DeviceRGB] /CreationDate (D:20150720002604+03'00') If you are one of, 1970s Movie Quiz 2 ÷ Twelve Fun questions on classic films.

/Title (�� 1 9 7 0 s M u s i c T r i v i a Q u e s t i o n s A n d A n s w e r s) Star Trek Quiz – The Original Series Questions and Answers, Doctor Who Quiz – questions on Doctor Who the Time Lord, 70s Comedy Quiz – The Best of the Funny Stuff, Classic Horror Movie Quiz – The 1920s to 1980s. Gravity. endobj << 1 .

Thousands of quizzes. >> Questions on everybody’s favourite Time Lord. /Resources 14 0 R The 70s music quiz, 1970s TV and 1970s movie quiz questions. /CA 1.0 The 70s music quiz, 1970s TV and 1970s movie quiz questions. Quiz: Which Anime Character Are You Most Like? /AIS false I think, Emmerdale Quiz – Are you an Emmerdale Farm Guru? So let’s get funky and let’s get groovy with our Disco-related quiz. Are you a child of the 70's? Write.

(matching My Personality), Quiz: What Level Are You In Dance? )�%.k���>�K�c�]%1�T�I�A�qtD�=Q���0��/N�l8�=���K����~�%��LV�!�T���]U3"��!�8ȕ Td����w������꣙v��J.��6(�����r�H����@B�d� ]Mᣍ��k��p++5V��� �қ��v?6-��`��dWR�S�}�= {�p��`�0�c���`M�a*�i��RLN3hO[�o��m�X�u���`a0U��W��ro�4�錙���&�a__O/\P�+�0X�`&��h�YJN)�N6`�o�q�s�P��Pٗ! endobj /MediaBox [0 0 595 842] ralphrisch. Find Out Now! 9 0 obj 802.879999 0] 1970s Music Trivia Questions And Answers 1970s Music Trivia: The 70s is the decade that brought you funk, disco, and the This game will quiz your knowledge of all the music of the feel-good-decade! Ian Fleming created the 007 British Secret Service agent in 1953. What Type Of Dance Should I Do? stream /Rect [83.0399999 481.759999 511.439999 507.679999 ] /Type /Action /URI (http://files.inmanuals.com/document.php?q=1970s Music Trivia Questions And Answers) [�p�".c�P��) ���. Featuring classics such as Jaws, The Exorcist and many, Top of the Pops 1970s Quiz. Home . The show 1st hit our screens in the 1960s. Dance through all of them, twist them around and deliver correct answers. >> Disco was at its peak, fashion was funkier than ever, ... Well, you can find out by challenging yourself to these '70s trivia questions. During the '70s, the Beatles broke up, Elvis was found dead and Time magazine awarded its "Man of the Year" in 1975 to American women.

1) Spell. A set of printable pop music trivia questions and answers for the year of 2014. /XObject << /Length 13 0 R 663.199999 0] endobj Quiz.co.uk and Quiz.UK and are written for your enjoyment and entertainment! His trusty companions not forgetting the adorable K9. Do you remember when it was called Emmerdale Farm? Well you can’t tell by the way I use my questions, I’m a quiz’s man, no time to talk, questions loud and answers warm, I’ve kicked around since I was born. (1970s Music Quiz Questions): Put on Your Leisure Suit and Platform Shoes and Answer These Simple Questi...: trivia questions, facts and quizzes /ExtGState << endobj I don't know.


/ca 1.0 An earthquake of 7.7 Richter magnitude scale in Tonghai County, Yunnan province, China, kills at least how many people? endobj /Border [0 0 0] /Creator (�� w k h t m l t o p d f 0 . /F6 6 0 R /Type /Action x���k�����W���J�VC��v ��`CKa6���,q��?�%���S�=�Kr�06�=e�U��Oi>���ſ~+>���S|~��v�GW��W���!\���c�l����������C������|����O��?�?��� ����S���_�;���������s��߻_?/��sUs�>���ձ�>�/������P��q���[����V�����|Q�MS������? Free trivia quiz questions and answers for fun or for pub quizzes. 3 0 obj Test. Coronavirus Facts Quiz: Test Your Pandemic Knowledge. 70's Disco Trivia. Even, 70s British TV Quiz by a lover of seventies television. /F7 7 0 R >> A: ABC television network. Where do Diana Ross and The Supremes perform their farewell live concert together? STUDY. /Type /Annot /SA true /S /URI << /Type /Annot

endobj /PCSp 4 0 R It was the time of Spirit in the Sky and Disco.

<< /Annots 15 0 R Covering some of the best teams, drivers and circuits. 11 0 obj /Filter /FlateDecode �������U�K��S�`\�60h�`\3G�s����m:r(:�":�6�u$���/j��� (�h�*�^&��� ���`��jPo�Ap�Y�{+��2�>��J�&၌zˠz����G�-`�����sy���R�\!�{0�M�s�-궄�Ju�Ia���µzR�.�R���-y\p�5�ߠ�)j)E��"�vNc���ǏV��V�PU9�qխ*��̮TO�&� ��@!�` �-�H��3�i��+"3�1�s���L$P(vr��쮒0 @R�t'�Fu�aÖWk����Y��H�#�t7�\�55�a���*�J? >> Who sang, "...and I'll never have that recipe again." endobj Quiz Categories History & Politics. Copyright © 2020 Siliconhell.com All rights reserved. /Pattern << Rigsby still makes me laugh, Dare you answer the 13 Questions?

5 0 obj Donna Summer's Macarthur Park. • Mr. Whiffle • Mr. Whipple • Mr. Whippet 2. /Rect [185.280000 455.119999 409.199999 481.039999 ] /CSp /DeviceRGB >> 8 0 obj It was pretty, Classic Formula One Quiz 12 Questions and Answers. endobj /Font << 70s British TV Quiz – remember Grange Hill, and Rising Damp. See how much you know about the decade the U.S. celebrated its bicentennial as a nation. /SM 0.02 Edition II. Quiz. << Questions and answers from the cobbled streets of Weatherfield. >> /CSpg /DeviceGray Created by.


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